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We are obsessed with wool. SteMargScot uses 100 percent heirloom wool that is custom-woven by a family-owned mill operating since the 1800’s, in the United Kingdom. Our wool is small-batch woven for our coats. Wool is naturally wind, water, odour, and microbial resistant. Lucky for us, wool requires less cleaning compared to synthetics. 


Why are we obsessed with wool’s comeback to outerwear? 
Wool has been optimized by nature and humans since 10,000 BCE and outperforms synthetics in temperature regulation, moisture management, and life-cycle impact.

Winter coats today are unquestionably and predominantly produced using polyester, a form of plastic made from fossil fuels, a non-renewable material. 

Despite the problematic relationship between synthetics and fossil fuels, the use of synthetic materials (polyester/plastic/vegan leather/pleather) is increasing by millions of tons every year (results from a non-profit textile study).

This is the time for change. SteMargScot is here to disrupt the sea of coats made of synthetics. 

Stay warm in renewable wool, not plastic. 


We are disrupting the sameness and complacency in outerwear, and returning to natural warm wool, done in colours never before seen. It’s natural, renewable, long-lasting, breathable, anti-wrinkle, easy to keep clean, and odour resistant. The only hiccup, wool should not be machine washed or dried. 


Wool is a living fabric that adapts to our body temperature to keep us warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s warm. It even biodegrades, so at the end of it’s life, wool returns nutrients back to the Earth. At NASA, when it came to astronaut’s shirts, wool remarkably outperformed high tech manmade fibres during testing. Wool is a natural miracle fibre.



Wool repels moisture droplets. Only when saturated with 30% of its own weight in water will it feel wet.


Duffle coats were originally worn by sailors because the thick wool created a natural wind barrier.


Wool has air pockets that act as a natural insulator generating surprising warmth.