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Our fasteners exist so that you can wear the colours that awaken you.

This is wearable fun, like swapping out your laces or watch band to suit your mood, outfit, or the season. 

To our vibrant tastemakers, we are excited for you to make art and experiment with your interchangeable fasteners.


Brighten dull winters with the hues you love, those rare and elusive ones that spark joy. Teal, burnt orange, and terracotta… pastels for spring… red and purple to show love for the Raps…

Will you be playful and swap out a single fastener? 

Will you be bold and swap all 3 fasteners with a family of complimentary hues? 

Will you be wild and swap all 3 for a triad of contrasting colours?

Have fun.

We can’t wait to see how you live and play and thrive in full colour.



Our 40 interchangeable fasteners are 100 percent designer wool felt, either sourced locally or from the Netherlands. Felt is one of the oldest forms of fabric as there is archaeological evidence dating back 6,500 B.C. Felt is dirt repellent and resistent to mildew. Our felt meets the Oeko-Tex Standard 100.



Mix and match for endless possibilities


Made from 100% designer wool felt


Naturally resistant to dirt and mildew