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SteMargScot [seynt-mahrg-skot] is the world’s first gender-inclusive outerwear company with a free-from plastics and free-from metals ethos, made with love in Canada. 

Founded by Sasha Jardine, a Caribbean-born, colour-obsessed, winter-intolerant, science nerd, we are on a mission to empower you to unapologetically wear colour and break from the sea of unsustainable ubiquitous winter coat styles.

We design iconic vintage-inspired heritage coats that are handcrafted and tell stories of farm-to-closet fashion. Grounded in a passion for protecting our planet, our purpose is to brighten your winters with endless colour and style.


"The individual actions of consumers and businesses can send a strong message and spark change."

-The price of fast fashion. Nature Climate Change, 2018.

At SteMargScot, there’s no greenwashing and no synthetic fabrics that shed microplastics and sit in garbage dumps. We are going back to simpler times and methods by using responsibly sourced fabrics that are recyclable, biodegradable, and renewable.

Besides quality materials, our coats are gender-inclusive with asymmetrical hemlines, interchangeable fasteners, and gender-inclusive fit, designed to last for generations to come. Fathers can pass them onto daughters and aunts can pass them onto nephews.

By wearing SteMargScot, you choose coats free from plastics, metals…and conformity. You choose preserving precious artisan skills. You choose timeless style that’s made to last.

Be Seen. Spread Joy.


SteMargScot is our abbreviation for Sainte Margaret of Scotland, our unofficial patron Sainte of fashion.

Sainte Margaret of Scotland was the foreign born queen consort of King Malcolm III of Scotland. The story goes that when she stepped onto the Scottish shore, she noticed that the people seemed uninspired during those dark days of the 11th century. She believed that if she clothed the Scottish people in brighter colours that it might increase their sense of pride and joy.

She was kind, devout, and canonized as a Sainte because of her service to the poor. What struck us was that she understood the power of fashion to transform people on a deeper level.

We are inspired by the service of Sainte Margaret, and our goal is to provide outerwear that honours the earth and feeds the soul.