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A Bolder Winter with Ste.Marg.Scot


How a Scientist’s quest for an un-boring winter coat is giving colour lovers 40,000 ways to make their winter a little brighter.

What’s your favourite colour? It’s a question almost everyone can answer without even giving it much thought.  Whether it has been your go to hue since you were a child, or it has evolved along with your tastes, we all have a colour that we tend to gravitate towards – that sparks our joy and makes us feel our best.



Who is Sasha Jardine, founder of Ste Marg Scot?

Sasha Jardine grew up loving all colours. A self-proclaimed creative, she would often paint murals on walls and spend her free time on a variety of art projects. But as the only child of a single mother, Jardine grew up with the typical expectations of many immigrant children; to get a good and stable job that pays well. So that is exactly what she did. Jardine received her Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Education degrees from York University, and a Masters in Science from the University of Toronto.  She found a job as a high school teacher and also worked as a Researcher for Sick Kid’s hospital. Her life was good, and fulfilling and then like many of us, during those dark days of the pandemic, she started to identify some gaps, some missing elements, or for better words, some lack of colour.